Rohrhaltersystem pipe holder system
Fliessrinne Flow Channels

Flow Channels

-Air conveyors
-Flow channels for all fluidizable bulk materials

Train Docking Station

Docking Units

– Unloading devices
– Docking stations for unloading bulk material from rail vehicles and trucks

Injektor Düse mit Keramikeinsatz Injector nozzle with ceramic insert

Injector Nozzles

-Injectors & laval nozzles
-Conveyor injectors for the pneumatic transport of bulk materials

Magnetabscheider Magnetic separator

Magnetic Separators

-Magnetic separator
-Magnetic separator for installation in downpipes

Fadensieb Thread Screen

Thread Screens

-Screens & screen boxes
-Static screens and screen boxes for installation in downpipes

Rohrhalter pipe holder

Pipe Support Systems

-Pipe support as fixed and movable bearings
-Cushioned pipe support to compensate knocks, bumps and movements in the pipeline