Turbomolch für Rohrleitungen Turbo pig for pipelines
Fixmolch fixef pig

Fixed Pigging System

Typ: KFM

Fixed pigging system are brush pigs with a basic body in one piece. The bristle arrangement cannot be changed.
Bürsten Molch brush pig

Modular Pigging System

Type: KMM

Modular pigging systems are brush pigs with several basic bodys. The user has the possibility to interchange basic bodys with different bristle specifications. Details…
Turbo-Molch Turbo pig

Turbo Pigging System
Type: KTM

Turbo pigging systems are brush pigs in which the brushes rotate in opposite directions while moving in the pipe.


Silikon-Molch silicone pig

Special Pigging System

Pigging systems for special tasks, e.g. drying, polishing or cleaning of flexible tubes.


MARS_Molchaufgabe Mars_pig

Transmitting and Receiving Stations

Components for inserting and removing pigs from the pipeline.